15-day Ayurveda course (very reasonable prices) daily four hours practical and theory.

  1. Head massage
  2. Shoulder Massage
  3. Special back Massage
  4. Massage with hand (Abhyanga)
  5. Massage with foot (Chavitti Thirummu special Kalari) especially for gymnasts and sports people
  6. Face Massage
  7. Elakkizhi (Hot application with herbals and leaves) for inflammation, muscle pain, joint pain, fast relief from injuries and rejuvenation. This treatment can also be given before panchakarma.
  8. Kadivasthi, Urovasthi and Januvasthi (for pain relief in a special area)
  9. Pichu (for part organs)
  10. Navarakizhi (for gaining weight, paralysis, skin beauty)
  11. Udvarthanam (powder massage) for weight loss, psoriasis and other skin diseases and varicose vein problem.
  12. Dhara (oil pouring to the forehead) for relaxation, reducing mental stress, hair loss, memory problems, mental disorders, headache, etc.)
  13. Marma and marma massage
  14. Yoga (for those who need it)
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