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Kerala is the home of Ayurvedic massage. This Indian style of massage developed in Kerala with the help of Kalarimarma, Sidhamarma and Ayurveda ( these three bases are the real combination of true massage). 

This type of massage starts with head massage, shoulder massage, special back massage, massage with foot (Kalari chavitti thirummu), then massage with hand and finishing with face massage. 

All these massages include a great variety of strokes/touches that are given all three dosha-type people. However, Vatta type people receive fewer strokes and not much pressure, Pita type people can take medium pressure and medium strokes, and Kapha type people can take full strokes and good pressure. 

When we are giving classes, we should teach about the body construction as well. The masseur should decide, how much pressure and stroke a client needs and then whenever he giving massage he must ask the client about the feelings. If someone feels pain, we should avoid much pressure, controlling strokes and control speed carefully. 

A good masseur should know all marma points (including Sidha, Kalari, and Ayurveda. These systems all differ slightly but all these vital points known as marmas have their own power. In Ayurveda there are 107 marmas, and Sidha there are 108 marmas. 

We believe that if someone takes Ayurveda massage at least once a week, they can prevent diseases, enjoy good health, good and strong muscles, good flexibility, good eye power, good and beautiful skin, looser muscles, good sleep, and excellent rejuvenation so that they can live at least 100 years being healthy, wealthy and youthful. Our scientists even say that cancer can be prevented with the help of Ayurvedic massage carried out by a professional.

I have taught hundreds of people in India and Europe. My students include doctors, lawyers and other professionals, as well as experts from other massage traditions. They have all been totally satisfied with my style of massage and classes. Fortunately I was given the chance to lead a class at a Hungarian university in 2010 with the help of Dr Iván Salkai. The students were delighted with my class.

ayurveda Packages

ayurveda Packages

Abhyanga is a special type of medicated oil massage in which strokes are given according to the diseases for 45 minutes daily for 14 days. This treatment is good for obesity, Arthritic complaints, skin problems etc.
Sarvanga dhara
In this treatment, medicated oil is poured all over the body by four or five therapists in a special rhythmic way for about 60 to 90 minutes per day for a period of 7 to 14 days. This treatment is good for Rheumatic complaints, parkinsonism, paralysis, hemiplegia etc.
Shastikasali Pindaswedam(navarakizhi)
In this treatment, the whole body is made to perspire by the application of medicated puddings externally in the form of boluses tied up in muslin bag. This treatment is for about 60 to 90 minutes per day for a period of 14days.This treatment is beneficial for diseases like paralysis, hemiplegia, rheumatic complaints, muscle wasting etc.
Patra potali sweda(elakizhi)
In this treatment, the whole body is made to perspire by the application of fried medicinal leaves and other herbal medicines tied in a cotton cloth. This treatment is for about 60 minutes per day for a period of 14 days. This is beneficial in diseases like arthritis, sciatica, gout etc.
Choorna pindasweda(podikizhi)
In this, medicated powder is tied in a cotton cloth and applied on body after heating it. This treatment is for about 60 minutes per day for a period of 14 days. This is beneficial in all rheumatic complaints.
Udwartanam(powder massage)
Massage is done all over the body with medicated powders in opposite direction. The treatment is for about 45 minutes per day for a period of 14 days. This is beneficial in obesity, hemiplegia, paralysis etc.
In this process, certain herbal oils, medicated buttermilk, medicated milk etc are poured on the forehead in a special way for a period of 14 to 21 days. This is beneficial for insomnia, mental tension, certain skin diseases, diseases of the head etc.
Medicated lukewarm oil is poured into a leather cap fitted on the head for about 45 minutes daily for a period of 14 days. This is beneficial in facial paralysis, Head ache, etc.
Vasti(sneha vasti and kashaya vasti)
Medicated oils and some medicinal decoctions are administered through the rectum daily for a period of 14 days. This is beneficial in sciatica, hemiplegia, gastric complaints etc.
Medicated oils, powders, juices etc are administered in to the nostrils for a period of 14 days. It is beneficial in ENT complaints, facial paralysis mental diseases etc.
Medicated ghee is poured in to the boundary which is made out of black gram paste around the eyes and it is for about 45 minutes per day for a period of 7 to 14 days. This is beneficial in all eye diseases.
Induces vomiting by the administration of herbal medicines with milk. This is a treatment done for kapha predominant diseases.
Virechana: (purgation therapy)
Induces the bowels by administrating herbal medicines internally. This is done for the pitta dominated diseases.
Mukha lepa
Medicated face pack is applied on the face, which is beneficial in improving the complexion, avoiding the wrinkles etc.
Mediated oil is filled in the ears for 5 to 10 minutes. It is beneficial in tinnitus, ear ache etc.
Specially prepared medicated lukewarm oil is kept over the low back with herbal paste boundary. It is done for 30 to 45 minutes daily for 7 days. It is an effective treatment in low back ache.
Cotton dipped in medicated oil is kept over the affected area for about 15 to 30 minutes daily for 7days. It is helpful in low back ache, joint pains etc.
Special packeges
•Ayurveda Relaxation Packages
•Weightloose packages
•Rejuvenation packeges
•Detoxification packeges
•General health care packages
Note:-All treatments time days decided our doctors after consultation
Ayurvedic Massage
Abhyanga Snana is part of the purvakarma or preparatory measure of Panchakarma treatment in Ayurveda. It is an ancient oleation therapy, traditionally given by two therapists, who work in tandem, synchronizing their strokes and massage according to the circulatory and marma points for sixty minutes. Detoxifying sesame oils are chosen according to one's illness. Usually this is done in seven standard positions. It is one of the most rejuvenating treatments of Ayurveda, especially in the Kerala tradition.
This is a form of treatment for various age related and other common disorders. Some of the advantages are pain relief, improved circulation, stress relief, better sleep, flexibility, athletic performance and emotional benefits. Massage therapy can soothe pain, relax stiff muscles, and reduce the swelling that accompanies arthritis. With Ayurvedic massage, deep-seated toxins in the joints and tissues are loosened and released into the system for elimination through natural toxin-release
Dhara is a method of Kerala special treatment. , not practiced in the other parts of India are conducted by the Kerala Physicians. A continuous stream of medicated warm oil/herbal decoctions/medicated milk/buttermilk is poured onto the forehead for 30 to 45 minutes. This procedure often induces a mental state similar to a trance, which creates profound relaxation of the mind and body. It deeply relaxes and revitalizes the central nervous system. Shirodhara gives the best results when taken after an Abhyangam. Dhara is good for all ailments. Changing the liquid as per the Dosha condition with necessary alterations in the procedure, is useful to alleviate any Dosha.