There is an outstanding tradition of God-blessed popular Ayurvedic physicians living in Kerala, India. Many of them are still more popular than academically certified doctors. I was also born into a very famous traditional Ayurveda family. My father, Raman Vaidyan, is not only popular in Ayurveda but also Kalari, marma, mantra and astology as well). My Uncle is Poothamkodan Vaidyan (Krishan) and he was also very popular in Kalari, marma treatments and Ayurveda.

I received an excellent knowledge from them of a wide range of effective treatments including marma and Kalari, massage with foot, and many kinds of Ayurveda Sidha treatments.

I am able to and called to pass on this knowledge. And that’s why each and every one of my students is very satisfied with my AYURVEDA COURSE.

I can also teach yoga. My daughter Devibhagya is also an excellent yoga teacher now working in the very famous Yogacentre SIVANANDA YOGASRAM, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. This renowned yoga school has centres all over the world.

phone: +36307118145